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Animal Tech Support is a Veterinary Technician service that allows you to schedule a number of your pet's procedures in the privacy of your own home, procedures you used to drive to your vet's office to have performed. We are not pet sitters, but can assist your sitter by providing necessary
medical care for your pet while you are away
as well as when you are home.

Some of the services we offer are:
Nail trims
Subcutaneous fluids
Allergy shots
Insulin injections
Ear cleaning and plucking
Suture and staple removal
Anal gland expression
At home injections
Basic clipping and matt removal
Instruction on giving pills to either cats or dogs

All of our employees are drug free and have Federal
and State clearances declaring them free of criminal
records and child abuse prosecutions.  Animal Tech Support
is also fully insured--we want you to be comfortable with
our technicians coming into your home!
    Save time and the expense of traveling to your veterinarian's office-Call our professional, experienced vet techs.

Just call 484-356-6488 or email us to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

Animal Tech Support is here to help!

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